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Bling Master Iced Gold Watch


Water Resistant Gold Official Certified 

Cross Pendant


925 Sterling Silver

Cubin Link BRACELET | New


SINUOUS belly up to step into the fashion planet with this glaring bracelet which aglows feminine poise in discrete colors. This coruscating bracelet in tortuous layout would be a ritzy adjunct to your jewel case. So go ahead and rock this overly-hued...

DGR Billion Dollar Mindset Charm


Have a next level mindset? This is the charm for you

DGR Cross Charm


Everyone needs a Jesus piece

DGR Cuban Links Bracelet


Only the coldest cuban links by DGR

DGR Iced Out G-Shock


Design by goldrush is pleased to present this iced out G-Shock watch

DGR Iced Out Gold Watch


Looking for some ice for your wrist? Look no further than this iced out gold watch

DGR Iced Out Silver Watch


This iced out watch is gonna be hurtin em all summer long.

DGR Jaguar Charm


Catch em lookin when you have this Jaguar charm on

DGR King Charm


Let everyone know who the king is with this charm

DGR Lion Charm


Iced out silver lion charm

DGR Owl and Key Charm


silver and CZ owl charm

DGR Piggybank Charm


Let em know you got money in the bank with this charm

DGR Roley Style Watch


Rose gold face with gold band watch

DGR Silver Dog Charm


Blinged out dog charm

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