Custom Jewelry For Him
Jun 2021

Rahim Premji

Custom Jewelry For Him

Custom Jewelry for Him

Are you looking for the custom jewelry for men? That will be printed by his name or you can say nameplate necklaces. Anyhow, you can find the latest men’s jewelry designs at our store. Our Gold Rush Custom Jewelry located in 2100 Hamilton place blvd Suite 1016 Chattanooga JCPenney TN. Gold Rush was established 34 years ago. The first store was opened in 1986 at East Gate Mall and, the second one was opened in Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga. You can find variety of fashion jewelry here. Our huge range in wedding rings, earrings, watches, pendants, necklaces, etc. It’s available in diamond, gold, silver, and custom jewelry for him. Our store delivers the best quality and unique styles that you cannot see in the world. We have reasonable prices according to your budget. You will pleased to listen that we are providing the best jewelry that will last for a long time. For further details you can go below!

Necklaces for Men         

Necklaces are very famous option in men’s jewelry. In men’s style, they mostly used engraved bar necklaces or personalized necklaces. You can find personalized men’s jewelry that engraved with their name at our Gold Rush store. We have some special choices for you;

Personalized Vertical Bar Necklaces

Necklaces like these looks great. If you are looking for the inspirational and meaningful present for your boy. Then, the vertical bar necklaces with their nameplate is the best choice for you. You can easily get this from our store.

Engraved Bar Necklace

Generally, jewelry is a great present for your loved ones. But, if it’s a personalized jewelry with the engraved promise necklace, just amazing. So, if you want then you can visit our store. Also, you can get it online through our website.

Custom Chains with Names

If you are confused about what to pick for your men in jewelry. Then, there is an amazing choices that is the chain. There is a reason that why it looks so prefect on men because they wear it all the time and it gives an amazing tone to any look.

Gold & Silver Chains for Boyfriend

In chain you have choice to wear in gold or silver. Both looks good. We are providing custom chains in gold and silver in reasonable prices. You can visit our store and also get these chains online through our official website.

Personalized Bracelets for Men

Such as custom necklaces and chains bracelets also looks great on men. Bracelets are also very famous in men’s jewelry. You need a special gift for him and still you are looking for the unique one. So, you can look for a beautiful and trendy custom bracelet. That he will definitely like. Once you will visit our store you can see new collection in custom jewelry. You can purchase custom and fashion jewelry in diamond, gold, and silver online from our official website.


For getting more ideas about men’s jewelry and accessories you can visit our store. Also, you can share your ideas and thoughts with us in a comment section below.